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    An EA That Learns Never Becomes Obsolete

    MetaNeural marks a revolution for the retail forex and bitcoin trader
    techonology worth thousands
    can now be purchased at reasonable rates
    Give it a try.

  • Great choice for businesses

    Own an investment or trading firm?
    Want to get a taste of powerful A.I. trading?
    We provide special corporate packages
    Results speak for themselves.

    Get it now
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    Brainless Expert Advisors Don't Work!

    Millions have tried coding normal EAs without success
    the problem is not lack of strategy
    but lack of processing ability
    Welcome to the future of retail trading.

    How it Works
  • Enjoy the EA the way you want

    No two people will use the EA in the same way
    Now you can trade Bitcoins with Metaneural
    Open your world to new possibilities.


Now FREE! With a Funded FinFx Account. Only Using This Link.

Experience the difference.

Cutting-Edge Neural Network technology joined with Metatrader in the first profitable commerically available
Expert Advisor that can learn and adjust to Market conditions in Forex and Bitcoins

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    Incredibly Customizable

    Add A Brain To Your Favorite Indicator

    You can add artificial intelligence to any indicator and use the EA to trade the signals
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    Neural Network Engine

    No A.I. Experience Necessary

    Collecting market data and training your strategy made easy all in one package.
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    Predicts Market Movement


    Gone are the days of lackluster strategies and hoping the next trade is in the same direction as the market.

Infinite Variations.

The problem with Expert Advisors and Indicators today is they are constrained by rigid programming and cannot recognize new patterns that are not exactly like the 'examples' from their code. Even the best programmers can only anticipate a finite number of conditions. Imagine an incredibly advanced brain that can actually recognize thousands of variations on what an uptrend looks like.

  • icon The Future

    Neural Network architecture is the future of trading financial markets. The big hedge funds and wall street firms have known this for a decade or more but this technology is finally available to the general public with MetaNeural.

  • icon Metatrader

    Metatrader has been an innovative program. The most popular retail trading platform in the world. But time has proven it is not enough to be consistently profitable. Metatrader needs more. Sophisticated artificial intelligence technology bridges the gap.

What is a Neural Network?
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    OHLC and indicator data collected for thousands of bars
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    Create Neural Network structure - Neurons, Hidden Layers, etc.
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    Accurately train and optimize your artificial neural structure (brain)
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    Using the trained brain, pass current bar data to the EA, it thinks! & produces predicted output

Modular Approach Accuracy is Key

In addition to the simplified process to the left, this is a modular EA capable of using a 'committee' of neural brains working together. For example, you can collect data for a moving average, momentum indicator, or just pure price data, all in separate neural networks and use the EA to combine their predicted outputs to get extremely accurate signals.
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See it to believe it!

This is an extremely modifiable and customizable EA. The days of EAs simply using indicators to buy and sell are over. We walk you through the entire process of creating profitable results with tutorial videos